Boneco HEPA Air Purifier LSP400

Boneco HEPA Air Purifier LSP400


The LSP400 Air Purifier gives you highly efficient air purification at home. Whether at home or the office, our special filter (HEPA and active carbon filters) removes smoke, allergens, pollen, dust, pet dander and odors from the air. From a product family with an award-winning design language, the P400 will blend in effortlessly with your everyday surroundings – its quiet operation will never distract you.

Product Highlights

  • 99.97% removal of .3 microns and 95% removal down to .03 microns
  • Efficient air purification at the touch of a button
  • Immediate, natural help for people with allergies
  • Graceful, thin design for small rooms
  • Digital display with simple functions
  • Low power consumption




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