Crystal Aroma II Carpet and Room Freshener

Crystal Aroma II Carpet and Room Freshener

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Crystal Aroma II is a natural crystal, not a powder, and it’s designed to freshen wherever you place it: rugs, carpets, cars, closets, basements, even your vacuum bag. Because it’s a crystal, it won’t cake up in your vacuum, clog your vacuum bag, and is non-toxic to people and pets. A great value! DIRECTIONS: Open small hole in top. Shake Crystal Aroma II lightly over carpet or area to be freshened. Sprinkle sparingly. Wait a few minutes and vacuum up, or leave the crystals in carpet — when you walk on the carpet, the fragrance is released into the air.

Calcium Carbonate (1317-65-3, base filler), Citrus fragrance (fragrance), Zeothix (112926-00-8, conditioning agent to improve flow)


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